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B I S M A + U S M A N | Elegant, South Asian Wedding

B I S M A + U S M A N | Elegant, South Asian Wedding

Awarded 3rd Place for Wedding Film of the Year 2022 at WPPI: "That was amazing 😭😭😭 beyond words and belief. I can’t even say it in words. That was truly truly insane, artistic, and heartfelt. You made us both cry like no tomorrow lol.... oh my God….i can’t stop crying all the little details it’s just amazing. I think we are both just speechless." Bisma + Usman Proud to show our latest wedding video for Bisma + Usman. This highlight film features an Urdu poem by Bisma's father and an Islamic hymn sung by her mother. It was a special experience recording these soundbites and learning about their lives. At the end of this video, you can hear the mother tearing up as she explains to me how grateful she is for, “Allah, my God.” Later she told me how she starts every morning with a walk through her garden and marvels at the nature around her, overwhelmed with emotion and awareness that God is truly present. Urdu poetry has a significant cultural history in Pakistan, adding a soulful meaning to the language which is impossible to translate. This poetry form is known to be very dramatic, artistic, and emotive often expressing love for someone. The more I am exposed to the poetry of other languages (we've also done Chinese and Spanish), the more I become curious about the variety and power of language to communicate complex thoughts and feelings. Thanks to Bisma + Usman for inspiring us to produce our most creative film yet! We experienced a lot of joy creating this and we think that this experience will be pivotal in our goal to make impactful photography and video. This video received third place for 2022 Film of the Year at WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International).
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Inspired by your unique perspective. Emotionally stunning and authentically intimate. Cinematic and musically driven. Artistic and intentional.

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