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My New Favorite Photoshoot Location

Adventurous couples have a special place in my heart. When Kyle reached out to me about surprising his long-time girlfriend Kaitlyn with an anniversary photoshoot session, I was so excited to help him plan out this significant memory. After the couple celebrated their four-year anniversary , I got in touch with Kaitlyn to start planning out their vision. These photos were going to be the first professional photos that Kaitlyn and Kyle would be able to look back on as the years pass.


Kaitlyn was no stranger to couples' imagery and had a very specific vision in mind.  She sent me a series of inspiration photos featuring golden hour lighting in fields of long grasses. Unfortunately, a historic winter freeze had just taken place in Texas, leaving many of the public parks and my favorite locations destroyed and entirely unappealing. With two days until our session, we still did not have a set location. A part of me began to feel like I wasn't going to be able to bring Kaitlyn's vision to life. As I drove home that evening, I was silently scanning all the areas along each street. To the right, to the left. Slowing down to see if I could find the perfect spot. As I made the final turn into my neighborhood and onto my street, I took notice of the wild fields and undeveloped areas throughout the block. The idea came to me to suggest having our session right here. Right next to my house. A part of me was hesitant because I figured most people wouldn't be interested in getting their legs scratched up just for a photoshoot. The next morning, I set out with my sneakers laced up and my iPhone camera ready. I wacked out some manageable paths and made my way into the brush, taking video recordings along the way. I sent them over to Kyle and Kaitlyn with little hope that this would be what they were imagining for their special photoshoot. To my surprise, they loved the idea! 

The next evening, cloudy skies gave way to beautiful streams of golden sunlight. I met the couple who came prepared with their boots on. Kaitlyn, with her heeled booties and long flowy dress, managed the terrain like a pro. Kyle, being the gentleman that he is, carried their outfit bag with ease. With equipment and wardrobe in tow, the three of us set out on what turned out to be a lovely evening hike. We started in the field right behind my house. When I say right behind my house, I mean my dog was watching us from the fence and barking incessantly to join in on the fun. This area was marshy and filled with pampa-style plants and other tall grasses. 

We then moved down towards the big grassy hill where Vincent and I walk our dog daily. Here, the paths were well defined and we took full advantage of the golden grasses and had some fun with candid photos and seated poses. 

As a final suggestion, I mentioned to Kaitlyn and Kyle that there was also a railroad track just at the entrance to my neighborhood, which would require a bit more bush-wacking to access. And once again, they were ecstatic about the idea. After a quick in-car outfit change, we headed down to the railroad to explore some more. With more stable footing here, we started to get a little more ambitious with our ideas and I think the results turned out so fun and amazing! 

Kaitlyn and Kyle's shared love for each other along with outdoor adventures truly made this session such a joy for us. I love working with couples that are willing to go-with-the-flow, have fun, and enjoy our session together as a memorable experience and not just for the beautiful photos we create together. As wonderful as the photos are to look back on, I do believe in curating a personalized experience for each and every couple we work with. Because I truly believe the experience itself should feel just as magical as the photos seem. 

- Chie

Location: Sendero Hills, Austin, TX 78724

# 1 - Marshy Long Grasses and Pampas - 30°17'13.5"N 97°38'34.5"W

# 2 - Hillside With Long Grasses - 30°17'11.7"N 97°38'45.0"W

# 3 - Railroad Tracks - 30°16'55.7"N 97°38'55.8"W 

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