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Travel to Hanoi, Vietnam By Air  ✈️ 

Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)

Cheapest option from USA:

Search flights to HAN directly from LAX or SFO

Book the domestic flights to CA separately on a domestic airline

Friends flying in from other countries:

We trust you can figure it out 😏

Travel from HAN Airport to Hanoi Old Quarter

Grab (app-based ride service)

Ride-hailing service Grab offers slightly cheaper rates than taxis.

A one-way trip to the Old Quarter costs about 265K VND (~$12) using the cheapest car option.


Once you exit the airport terminal, you’ll see a line of taxis from various companies waiting by the curbside.

A standard four-seater car costs about 330K VND (~$14)

You’ll reach the city in 40-60 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Travel from Hanoi Old Quarter to Ninh Binh Wedding Venue

Friday, March 15th

Group transportation (bus/shuttle) will be provided for all guests from Hanoi to Ninh Binh

The meeting location and time are TBD in Hanoi City 

The journey will take approximately two hours by bus/shuttle

Suggested Itineraries + Extra Travel

(from easiest to hardest)

To maximize your trip here are some suggested itineraries:


USA ✈️ Hanoi ✈️ Ho Chi Minh City (+1 day)

See the entire country by taking a quick flight to the country's

largest city in southern Vietnam,

USA ✈️ Hanoi ✈️ Japan (+2 or 3 days)

Japan is our 2nd favorite country and connecting through Japan

is cheaper than flying direct to Vietnam.

USA ✈️ Hanoi ✈️ Thailand ⛵ Ko Phi Phi (+1 week)

Thailand is the easiest country to travel to with visa's on arrival.

However, give yourself extra days to explore outside of Bangkok.

Take a boat to Ko Phi Phi, where Vincent once worked as a booze cruise photographer!


USA ✈️ Hanoi 🏍️ Phong Nha 🏍️ Hoi An (+2 weeks)

Take our engagement motorcycle/scooter trip along the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail south to

Phong Nha, home to the largest caves in the world, and then to Hoi An,

Vietnam's honeymoon town.

For expert flight booking and travel guidance contact Vincent.
Text "Wedding Flight Help" to 215.272.4005



US citizens and Chinese citizens are required to obtain a visa to enter Vietnam
Korean citizens are allowed up to 15-days of travel in Vietnam without a visa

If you are a US or Chinese citizen, a tourist visa is required for entry into this enchanting land of culture and beauty. But don't worry, obtaining your visa is a straightforward process!

The Vietnamese government warmly welcomes you to explore its vibrant cities, lush landscapes, and captivating heritage. Simply secure your tourist visa online after booking your departure flights, and you'll be ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure.


Begin the visa application process at least 30 days before your departure flight. The approval process usually takes less than 2 weeks but can be delayed due to the Lunar New Year holiday. 


Upload your passport and visa photo to the application document. Pay the USD$25 visa application fee through the application portal. Now, wait patiently...


You will receive an email notification with a registration code. Enter your registration code, registration email, and date of birth to check your results in the E-visa search menu


Make sure you have been approved for the E-visa. Once the results have been confirmed, please print your E-visa to enter/exit Vietnam. Do not lose this document. Keep an additional copy on your phone.

*There are no longer any COVID-19 testing/vaccination requirements to travel to Vietnam


Embarking on an adventure through the vibrant streets of Hanoi is an experience like no other, and the city offers a multitude of transportation options to cater to your every need. From the traditional charm of cyclo rides and the convenience of reputable taxi companies to the modern ease of ride-hailing apps, Hanoi invites you to explore its captivating beauty with a variety of travel choices. Whether you're seeking the exhilaration of motorbike taxis, the leisurely pace of walking, or the unique perspective of cyclos, each mode of transport adds its own flavor to your journey.

Ride-Hailing Apps


Access Grab Bike and Grab Car for motorcycle taxis and private cars. Grab even offers food delivery services, making it a versatile choice.


Recently expanded into Vietnam, Gojek provides motorbike taxi services along with additional offerings like food delivery.


Cyclos: Hanoi's Bicycle Rickshaws

Explore Hanoi's charm with a unique twist


Embrace a different perspective with cyclo rides – bicycle rickshaws pedaled by locals. Enjoy unhurried exploration, particularly around the Old Quarter's narrow streets. Negotiate a reasonable price (around 100,000 VND for an hour) for an unforgettable journey.

Reputable Taxi Companies

Mai Linh Taxi

Renowned for quality, Mai Linh Taxi offers reliable services around Hoan Kiem Lake. Recognizable by their green cars, the cost ranges from 13-17k VND per kilometer (around $0.70).

Taxi Group

With a friendly fleet of white cars, Taxi Group is an economical choice, especially for 7-seater cars. Operating primarily in Hanoi's city center.



The most common Hanoi transportation is “xe máy” – scooters, as anyone visiting the city would undoubtedly notice. Recent statistics show that there are approximately 6.1 million scooters in Hanoi. It is without a doubt the quickest and most affordable method to travel throughout the city.

Flamingo Motorbike

This is our favorite place to rent from! Located in the heart of the Old Quarter. Rates are from $13 - $55 per day depending on your choice of scooter/motorcycle. Bikes can be reserved in advance via their website or in person on the day that you need it.

Other Useful Apps to Have in Vietnam


Most locals that you will meet use WhatsApp as their main communication method. Many businesses in Vietnam also have WhatsApp numbers that you can text or call directly via WhatsApp to get information, schedule appointments or bookings, confirm arrival times, etc.

Google Maps (Offline Maps)

Google Maps app has a feature that allows you to download selected map areas to be used when your phone has low data or is in airplane mode. Before every trip, I always download the areas that I know I will be in to ease the frustration of trying to use navigation in low-data situations.  

Learn how to do it here


Currency Converter

A currency converter app on your phone becomes your instant financial ally while traveling, enabling you to effortlessly calculate expenses and make informed spending decisions in local currencies. With real-time exchange rates at your fingertips, you'll navigate markets, negotiate deals, and budget with confidence, making the most of your journey.

Our Favorite Travel Tips

Take photos of all your documents and email them to yourself

Capturing photos of your important documents and emailing them to yourself before traveling provides a digital safety net. In case of loss or theft, accessing vital information like passports, IDs, visas, and travel itineraries from any device ensures peace of mind and streamlined assistance during unforeseen situations.

Backup Power

Carry a portable charger to keep your devices powered up, especially when exploring for extended periods.


Local Sim Cards

Purchase a local SIM card for affordable data and convenient communication during your stay.  These can be purchased at the airport upon arrival.

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