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RSVP by December 31st, 2023

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"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone..."

"Hi, I'm Chie!"

We recently got engaged in Vietnam...🇻🇳

Here's how we met:

It's day three of the Austin City Limits festival 🎸and the sun begins to set. Vincent was taking his last photo of the concert when a girl nearly tripped over him walking by.


They looked back at each other and locked eyes.

After a moment, she approached Vincent and said, "Hi, I'm Chie!" 

In the last five+ years, we have been fortunate to share our love for experiencing foreign cultures, sharing new cuisines, and documenting the world around us. It is through these collective experiences that we have decided to take you with us on our wildest adventure yet! 🚀


invite you to join them for a weekend (or weeklong) wedding celebration

Vietnam 2024

Thursday, March 14th

Tour of Hanoi City - free for guests (optional)

 Casual friends dinner - street food vibes - casual attire 🍜

"Bachelor vs. Bachelorette" - one-beer bar hop meets Vietnam 🍺


Friday, March 15th

🚌 Bus from Hanoi to Ninh Binh - provided for guests 

Check-in to Aravinda Resort - rooms provided for guests

Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, March 16th

Breakfast at the resort

👰🏻 Set off on our adventure ceremony!🤵🏻

Return to the resort - relax, explore connect 🌴

Reception - dinner, drinks, dancing 

Sunday, March 17th

Casual brunch at the resort

Bus back to Hanoi City

*Alternate transport can be provided depending on flight schedules.

*Accommodations are all-inclusive for our guests from Friday - Sunday, including hotels, meals, and transportation.

*Guests will be responsible for their own accommodations Thursday night in Hanoi or any days before/after the main event days.

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Additional Events

✈️ ✈️ ✈️

Think of this wedding as a launchpad or final destination for your next big trip!


This is your excuse to put the brakes on life…


Chie will show you why a Bahn Mi 🥖 is the best way to start your day…

While Vincent shows you how to put out a vibe 🕺🏻 at a Viet street cafe…


However, we understand most of you have children, pet-children, careers, and more, that make a trip like this unlikely. Don’t fret! We might have a second celebration dinner in Florida shortly after we return.

Suggested Itineraries + Extra Travel

(from easiest to hardest)

To maximize your trip here are some suggested itineraries:


USA ✈️ Hanoi ✈️ Ho Chi Minh City (+1 day)

See the entire country by taking a quick flight to the country's

largest city in southern Vietnam,

USA ✈️ Hanoi ✈️ Japan (+2 or 3 days)

Japan is our 2nd favorite country and connecting through Japan

is cheaper than flying direct to Vietnam.

USA ✈️ Hanoi ✈️ Thailand ⛵ Ko Phi Phi (+1 week)

Thailand is the easiest country to travel to with visa's on arrival.

However, give yourself extra days to explore outside of Bangkok.

Take a boat to Ko Phi Phi, where Vincent once worked as a booze cruise photographer!


USA ✈️ Hanoi 🏍️ Phong Nha 🏍️ Hoi An (+2 weeks)

Take our engagement motorcycle/scooter trip along the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail south to Phong Nha, home to the largest caves in the world, and then to Hoi An,

Vietnam's honeymoon town.

For expert flight booking and travel guidance contact Vincent.
Text "Wedding Flight Help" to 215.272.4005

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